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Loser Like Me

Hey, I'm actually going to talk about my thoughts on last night's Glee! I don't usually do this because Glee is definitely a roll-with-the-punches kind of show, but I do have some thinky-thoughts. Plus I had to call in sick to work today because I'm losing my voice and since my entire job revolves around talking on the phone all day, the day off gives me more time in my day.

Cut for sentimental ramblingCollapse )

And I just bought my tickets to see Panic! in New York on 5/24! I'll be missing the Glee season finale, but that's okay. Seeing one of my favorite bands is much more important. :D
So Panic! at the Disco is streaming Vices & Virtues on their Facebook and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT ALL. I expected to really enjoy whatever they made, but I am adoring every single song more than I think my brain and heart have the capability to even comprehend. I love all the little intricacies of every song: the strings, the lyrics (oh, Brendon, I'm so proud of him. They're very solid lyrics), the vocals, the french kids chorus (!!!), THE DRUMMING. There isn't one song that doesn't do it for me completely, but 'Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)' is by far my faaaavorite. It is just musically and lyrically orgasmic to my ears. Every moment of that song is beautiful, especially the 'Oh-oh-woooooahs' and the fact that I can hear Spencer singing them *_____*. I love that that the first few songs clearly have the same sound/feel, but them 'Always' and 'Sarah Smiles' happen and I don't even know what to do with my life. Once I listen to this a lot more I hope to write a more comprehensive review. I'll probably wait until I get the actually Fantastical Bundle in the mail next week (hopefully, I remember Pretty. Odd taking a while to get to me), so I can talk about all the awesome crap we're going to get with that. I seriously feel like I won't listen to anything else Glee music totally not included XD for a very long time.

In conclusion: I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THIS BAND. ♥♥♥♥

we rattle this town

I think pretty much all I did his weekend was shop. But I spent my money on awesome things like new books! The Borders by my house is having a closing sale so I went both Friday and Saturday night. I may still make another trip. I have a bunch of other books I still need to read, but whatever. The more the merrier! Plus, everything was 25%-30% off. How could I not make more purchases than necessary. (Not as bad as the_ninth_bow hahahahaha.)

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Blame it on the alcohol

I just have to say, I was a little disappointed in Glee last night. Why did the Rachel Berry Train Wreck Weekend Extravaganza or whatever it was called not last the entire episode? I have been dreaming of a Glee Club party forever, and it was too short. I wanted so much more drunken shenanigans by ALL the kids. The hilarity would have been endless. More drunk karaoke, some dance offs, more crying, more mischief inside the Berry residence. I realize that the episode would have made even less sense if it had been just the party, but a girl can hope. Everything we saw was so glorious and I just wanted that crazy x1000000. Otherwise, I still don't understand Blaine but at least he's cute, Bieste and Figgin's continue to be the best ("Achievement!"), Will's drunk grading entertained me, and Puck was hot. I should probably watch the episode again considering I had almost a full bottle of sangria inside me at the time, but all signs point to just watching the 'Blame It On The Alcohol' performance again. That was sexy.

Anyway, I had off work today and was actually able to do real, productive stuff around the house. Laundry, I love when you are folded and clean, but maybe one day you'll learn to fold yourself. That would be super nice of you, thanks.


Panic! at the Disco: Bowery Ballroom

Despite all the ice and wintry mess that I am completely over with, last night was SO MUCH FUN. Can I just say that I absolutely love this band? I love Panic forever and ever. I feel like I'm just exploding with joy from the all the ways last night was AMAZING.

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i love the holidays

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Hope everyone got awesome gifts and will get to eat awesome food later (already dreaming of eating the pizza dip I made last night). My sister is officially awesome at getting gifts for me.


Dec. 5th, 2010

Hell yes, Panic! at the Disco's new album is going to be called 'Vices and Virtues' and there are preeeetty much no words for how excited I am for this album. Ugh, we've just been waiting forever, and I never got impatient or entitled for a new album, but, damn, it feels good to finally know about it! MARCH IS SO CLOSE YOU GUYS, SO CLOSE.

In my Glee related feelings...well, I have a lot.Collapse )

I also need to post more pictures from Scotland soon, but here's one! I had such an amazing time there. I would like to go back now, thanks. This is taken on hike around Carbisdale Castle, the hostel where our friends had their wedding. Words can't describe how beautiful it was there.

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and all the prophets

In ONE WEEK at this time EXACTLY, I'll be at the airport waiting to get on my plane for Scotland. I don't think I mentioned it here yet, but my sister is a brides maid for her friend that met a Scottish guy when she studied abroad. I was lucky enough to be able to be her +1. I've never been to Europe, barely even out of the country, so I'm way excited for this. I'm finally getting stoked for it since it's only one week away now. I plan to take mad pictures, of course.

And now I'll be lame and complain how I'm going to miss the Rocky Horror Glee episode. OF COURSE THE ONE I'VE BEEN MOST EXCITED FOR. Downloaded all the songs already like a boss. I don't think I could stand it if I made myself wait until after I've seen the episode to download like I usually do.


Sep. 29th, 2010

It would be normal to post about my reaction to tonight's episode of Glee, but mostly I just want to post about the preview for next week.
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"I'm a sex shark."

Hello F-list! I come back to you from a long silence to bring you a picspam. A picspam of what, you ask? Well, today is Mark Salling's birthday. Mark plays Noah "Puck" Puckerman on Glee and I kind of love him a lot. He plays a badass sometimes a douche bag, but in real life he's a musician who loves birds, his grandma, and babies.

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